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Personnel Dust Removal 

Jet Black Safety brings you a  range of safety solutions to help ensure that you and your employees don’t bring harmful dust home at the end of the day.


Cleaning station

Safely remove dust from your clothing with this simple solution that does not require compressed air


Cleaning booth

A unique, innovative walk in enclosure  with a way to remove harmful dust from your work gear in  a safe manner.

If you have employees moving between dusty work areas to clean-zones, the installation of a JetBlack Safety Personnel Cleaning Booth will allow them to quickly remove residue dust, powder or contaminant from all PPE and work-wear clothing.

Research shows that dust exposure poses a significant health risk to people working in industries such as mining, construction and many others, as dust can contains known carcinogens and silica.

Workers exposed to dust via dusty clothing are 10 times more likely to be affected by fatal or debilitating respiratory diseases than people wearing dust free workwear.

The Personnel Cleaning Booth is guaranteed to meet or exceed OSHA requirements. It operates by utilising high-velocity, low-pressure air that is effective in dislodging materials from clothing and is much easier to use than alternative vacuum systems.

More importantly, it is a safer substitute to compressed air which has the potential to be very dangerous in this type of application due to the high air pressures involved.

Personnel Cleaning Booth


  • OSHA Compliant
  • Safe and easy to operate / maintain
  • Robust, modular construction
  • Powerful ‘air shower’ effect
  • Incorporates the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station
  • Option of stand-alone Cyclone extractor
  • Indoor/Outdoor and walk-through options

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De-dusting solutions

Cleaning Booth

The JetBlack Safety Personnel Cleaning Booth is a self-contained, free-standing de-dusting system which is highly effective for removing, extracting and collecting dust and debris from employees’ dirty work clothes. The Cleaning Booth incorporates the JetBlack Safety blower-powered personnel Cleaning Station to dislodge all dust and fibres. These are then drawn down and away from occupants through a grille floor by a vacuum effect created by an external blower. All removed materials are either collected in an H14 HEPA extractor or can be vented directly into a client’s existing exhaust system.

Portable & Fixed Cleaning Station

The JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station is an innovative, safe and effective tool for personnel-clean down and de-dusting operations – particularly useful in industrial environments.

Compressed air has the potential to be extremely dangerous, so companies should always try and minimize its use, particularly for cleaning and dedusting operations.  

All Jet Black Equipment is

Safer. The Cleaning Station produces high volume, low-pressure air (2.52PSI/70In.Swg) which poses no threat to personal safety.

Lower noise emissions. With levels below 78dB(A) 

Cost-effective. Blower powered air produced by the Cleaning Station typically costs less than 10% of the equivalent compressed air generation.