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Dust Suppression - Minimum water

Atomisers and fogging systems

Mobile and Fixed Options

fast and effective solutions

MINIAT® Atomisers are suitable for Dust Suppression, Odour Suppression and Decontaminating outdoor and large indoor areas such as event centres. 

Localised dust suppression

MINIAT® Oscillating Rotary Atomiser


MINIAT®Mobile Dust suppression system produces a fog of very fine water droplets ensuring minimal water use. The 1200 litre water tank provides 12 hours of continuous operation with a 14 – 20mtrs throw range.

Our MINIAT®Mobile trailer mounted system is highway approved. It can be easily transported between locations or moved around sites. This compact, minimal water, solution is suitable for use within buildings during excavation or demolition. The compact construction makes it ideal also for small urban sites where it can be lifted into position over other machinery allowing it to be position for optimum effectiveness at the source of dust. The system is of durable construction and works in harsh conditions. Powered with a diesel generator the MINIAT®Mobile can work independently, is easy to use and has an electric key start.

high pressure nozzle

Fogging Systems

During the waste recycling process dust can be produced during conveying, offloading and moving and by screening and shredding waste material. The dust produced during this process can reduce visibility and also be a hazard to both staff and machinery.

Dust containment solutions combined with fogging will control the airflow and effectively clean the dust laden air which is escaping at transfer points.