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Intelligent Baghouse Management

PREVENT EMISSIONS IMPROVE OPERATIONS – FilterSense particulate monitoring and control solutions

Why FilterSense?

Particulate filtration systems, such as baghouses and cartridge dust collectors, and baghouse filter control systems are critical for industrial productivity and process control.

They are equally important for employee health, plant safety, and compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations.



    FilterSense is the #1 choice of experienced end users and OEMs around the world 

    Engineers and plant personnel that have used alternative products know that there is a difference. They trust FilterSense product specifications, quality, and performance. They value FilterSense advanced technology, beneficial product features, expertise for large projects, and proactive support.

    Proven Results

    FilterSense has thousands of proven installations in virtually every application and industry around the world. While FilterSense is the leader in fabric filter applications, our particulate monitors are applicable to many cyclone, powder flow, electrostatic precipitator, and mist eliminator applications.


    How FilterSense will Benefit you?

    Process Control & Optimization                 

    • Control DP, airflow, production and ventillation

    • Analyze performance and diagnose problems

    • Optimize filter cake and filtration efficiency

    • Minimize compressed air and energy use

    • Prevent loss of valuable powders

    Operating & Maintenance Costs

    • Eliminate manual inspections

    • Prevent costly unforeseen downtime

    • Avoid emission damage (cars, structure, homes) Extend filter life and lower replacement costs Protect downstream equipment

    • (blowers, vacuum pumps, HEPAs, turbines, oxidizers)


    Engineering & Support          

    • Assess OEM filter life and performance warranty

    • Keep internal resources focused on core operations

    • Take advantage of turn-key, proven solutions

      Solve challenges with industry experts

    • Prevent loss of valuable powders

    EPA, Health & Safety (OSHA/NFPA)

    • Prevent out-of-compliance, avoid fines, shutdowns, and lawsuits

    • Reduce personnel exposure to confinedspaces, hazardous particulate, and gases

    • Ensure  hazardous  dust  pickup,  prevent dust accumulation

    • Be socially responsible and adhere to corporate environmental ethics and policies such as ISO 14000

    Industries we serve

    Air Pollution Control







    Powder process / handling

    Powder Processing

    Chemicals & Plastics

    Food & Dairy

    Mineral / Mining


    Industrial dust ventilation

    General Manufacturing

    Metal Casting


    Dry recycling

    High Quality Solutions

    FilterSense offers a full range of products. Particulate monitors include durable lowcost  detectors  to  high-performance  measuring instruments.   Controls  include basic and diagnostic controls   to   large-scale   comprehensive   control   systems.  Additional    products    include    SCADA/HMI and  EPA reporting software, differential pressure transmitters, and basic pulse jet timers.For varying process conditions, regulations and budgets

    Stack Particulate Monitors

    B-PAC TM™ Controls

    Baghouse Performance Analysis & Control 

    Control and monitoring systems for all types of baghouses and cartridge dust collectors provide optimized filtration and highly beneficial preventive diagnostics


    With our innovative range of Dynacharge particulate monitors you can easily monitor your stack dust emissions. We are the only company that provides simple bluetooth data download for environmental results right at the stack.


    Ensure consistent airflow to maintain
    production, ventilation, and dust recovery and Easily Maintain the optimum filter cake with a differential pressure within 0.1 InWC with minimum pulsing that will extend the life of your filter bags and make savings reducing compressed air useage by up to 40%.



    Having have full control of your baghouse with inputs from a wide range of sensors such as DP, solenoid valves header tanks level switches etc., enables you to prevent emission failures with early warning and improve your processes and prevent unscheduled downtime from filter failure.  



    Configurable for All Sizes & Types of  Filters

    Locate filter leaks (by row) weeks before visible emission

    Detect/locate open and shorted solenoids that

    lead to plugged filters and cascading failures.

    Detect and locate ruptured, frozen, and lazy pulse diaphragms

    – One rupture can cost €1,000/week in compressed air and cause filters to blind

    – Eliminate other problems caused by air loss


    B-PAC Monitor all elements of your baghouse filter NEVER BE CAUGHT OUT AGAIN



    FilterSense’s instrument platform provides cutting- edge design and leading value for single point instrumentation  (line powered  alarm devices  and loop powered transmitters – HART available).

    Industry leading technology  includes accurate low level  sensing  and  true automatic  zero, and  span measurements  (for EPA  self-tests) under  the  low power constraints of a loop power device.


    Mechanical features include modular display, removable electronics module, water intrusion protection, custom housing (rotatable with multiple conduits),  heavy-duty  modular  sensor, and   both integral one-piece instruments (shown) and remote electronics.                                       


    FilterSense’s MICS™ platform (pronounced “mix” ) is a Modular Instrumentation and Control System that offers a choice of processing power and display, a wide range of technology and functionality features (such as SD card support), modular I/O, and selection of fieldbus (all major protocols). MICS™ provides easy expansion, reduced spares, and simplified service.

    At the core of MICS is a CANbus architechture and slice-style DIN rail modules (no backplane). CANbus provides reliable high speed communications while, mechancially, the modules provide protection of electronics and easy in/easy out installation

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