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Hire dust & odour solutions

Rent dust & odour equipment solutions. Help manage your environmental issues. Short term hire and long term hire of equipment. PCP Group help solve your unique environmental problems.

Hire Dust & Odour Equipment

PCP Group have a range of mobile and fixed Dust Suppression and Odour Control solutions available for short or long term hire to facilitate your particular project. 

Our range of Mobile MINIAT Atomisers, Fogging Systems, Dry Vapour Systems, Industrial Vacuum and Extraction Units will ensure that dust and odour issues are quickly and effectively dealt with, and are no longer a concern for your employees or adjoining neighbours.

For details please visit our dedicated Dust Solutions website: dustsolutions.ie

OR our dedicated Odour Solutions website: odoursolutions.ie

Hire dust & odour solutions

Need Advice on Hire Solutions

PCP Group HIRE fixed and mobile dust solutions that provide instant results.
With our broad range of innovative dust control technologies we can advise the best solution for you
 based on location, application, and operating requirements.

Silica dust is one of the world’s most significant causes of work-related diseases, therefore dust control is now a big issue particularly around concrete and demolition works.