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PIMVISION allows easy sharing of critical project documents and storage of live documents in a single secure cloud location with easy access from anywhere at anytime.  It also uses a simple green, orange, red display to warn of any documents nearing expiry.

Its as easy as 1,2,3


PIMVISION’s cloud based, vision platform and mobile app boasts a strong set of features, a simplistic design critical document management and alert system to assist managers control expiring project related documents.

Cloud based

green, amber, red status alert

expiration date configurator

tab view


Documented actions engine

mobile app


This is a low cost, simple, intuitive system that will save you time, money and stress associated with managing the ever increasing amount of critical  project documents.

Easily share live project documents

PIMVISION enables you to quickly and easily share all you project related documents with your client

Update records quickly and easily

It is a simple process using PIMVISION to update your documents to your cloud storage or add to them as your project dictates.

Know instantly when action is required

PIMVISION enables you to see instantly when documents are due to expire and expired documents in displayed with orange and red warning status.

All documents are in one location

All your critical project documents and certs are all easy to view as they are stored on your cloud live and uptodate in one location.

View live project information

Only live documentation is displayed to you. With PIMVISION you will never be caught out by invalid documentation again.

Regular Automatic alert emails

On the 20th of each month a report is emailed  to you with the statuses of the documents near to expiry in the following month saving you the hassle of having to search through records to see if they are current freeing up valuable time.

full user traceability

All actions on the system are tracked so that the system operates in a transparent manner.

Invite your subcontractors to share information

Easily invite your subcontractors to submit their documentation with status that you require for a project and also share any project documents with their status to your clients.

Saves you money

PIMVISION will save you time allowing you to work on more productive tasks. It can also be used to track the status of hire equipment on site so that money can be saved by eliminating wasteage of having equipment not being utilised and still being paid for.



You can upload and share all your current live critical project related documentation with your clients in minutes

Store and view Your documents, live in One Location

PIMVISION will free up your time. You will no longer be tied up with paperwork or sorting through electronic files in the office, trying to find and determine which documents are due to expire. You will know this as all your project critical documents are stored live in one location.

VIEW Realtime document expiry warnings

Access your documents from anywhere at anytime. See the alert status of your documents and those of your subcontractors in real time in one location when you need to.

Pulling the pieces together



All company, subcontractor insurance, quality. skills and test certificates relating to the project can all be found on the PIMVISION platform. The status of each document is clearly visible and is coloured green if the document is valid, amber if it is due to expire, requiring an action and red if it has already expired requiring an immediate course of action to be undertaken.

Saving time

All the information is right there at your fingertips when you need it. PIMVISION shows you exactly what documents need to be attended to.

Identify Actions required

Focusing on only the items with amber and red status allows efficient corrective action plans to be implemented in good time. 

Who We Serve


When engaged in a project you can easily share live information with status indication to the your client. This can demonstrate your compliance process and your subcontractor’s process to your client, making your client’s work process easier and you the preferred bidder on his or her future projects. You can also invite your sub contractors to submit their live documents with status which will make you compliance process easier.


When engaged in a project you can easily share live information with status indication to the main contractor. This can demonstrate your compliance process to your client, making your client’s work process easier and you the preferred bidder on his or her future projects. You can also invite your sub contractors to submit their live documents with status which will make you compliance process easier.


As the owner of the project, do you have clear visibility over the project EHS  and Quality certification documents. PIMVISION enables you the Owner to have a clear view of live documents submitted by your contractors  and subcontractors relating to each project and also when these documents will or have expired requiring action to be remedied. The documents are stored in one secure location on the cloud that the owner can easily access anytime from anywhere.


A simple standalone intuitive system that uses green, amber, red alert interfaces that highlight the status of your projects and the associated subcontactor’s documentation and certificates. It also provides you with a clear vision of the status of your fleet plant certificates and equipment hire status.

Project Dashboard

This tab shows you if there are any red and amber status alerts and the quantity in each section. So that you can quickly and efficiently focus only on the items that need attention.

Sub contractor

At a glance you can see which documents have expired or are near to expiry, which will require your specific attention.


This tab allows you to drill down to see the expired training or skills certificate of an individual or group of individuals, enabling you to make quick and accurate decisions on site.


You can see at a glance which vehicles need attention and whether these vehicles are  owned by your company or by a subcontractor


The status of each of you plant and equipment certificates from drill PAT tests to OLER crane certificates are displayed in one screen with amber and red status items requiring immediate action.

Hire status

Hire status displays the hire period for each piece of equipment and plant on site relating to the project. The project manager can then easily decide to return or continue to hire the equipment with amber and red status, saving the significant cost of unused hire equipment lying around on site.

Having recently introduced PIMVISION to our company, we collectively feel that it has eased our workload. At a glance we can see what vehicles, employees,hired equipment records, etc., need to be updated.

Having worked closely with the team, we feel that they are easily approachable and any issues are quickly addressed.

We would have no hesitation in recommending this software platform to any company.

The admin Team @ Blockbusters Environmental Services (NI) Ltd

Administrator, The admin Team @ Blockbusters Environmental Services (NI) Ltd

After meeting a member of the PIMVISION team (Andrew) and introducing him to our admin staff, everyone felt very much at ease. Andrew talked us through the software package & the benefits; such as being notified when vehicle tax/MOT are approaching expiry. We also found the App very useful for our staff mobile phones especially for our site manager who can upload documents immediately, this will save immense time when CSR cards are required to be produced on-site. We would have no hesitation in recommending this software to other companies, it is very efficient yet simplistic to use.


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