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Workplace Safety App

Bring your workplace safety to the next level

SafePal App uniquely focuses technology on proactive and preventative solutions, to keep employees safe, educated, aware and engaged.  Allowing  you to grow a strong sustainable safety culture in a fun engaging manner.

 We can help with

Changing Attitudes


Frustrated by the general lack of communication and feedback?


Seeking a way to change attitudes and behaviour around health and safety to gain 100% committment?


Struggling to ensure all employees are educated and aware of new practices and potential hazards?

Reaching your Goal

Striving to achieve a strong, sustainable safety culture with zero injuries?

SafePal makes it easy for a new safety culture to grow

SafePal App is designed to be PEOPLE focused rather than data focused. SafePal changes the way EHS Managers Engage, Educate, Empower, Protect and Manage their entire workforce across teams, projects and locations.

The proven way to engage every staff member and build a strong safety culture is to Focus on Attitudes, rather than Regulations. SafePal focuses on PEOPLE – not data.

SafePal is designed to be Non Invasive, Easy To Use, Gamified for Fun and Rewards ensuring Maximum Staff Uptake.


  • Non-Invasive
  • Microlearning techniques
  • Connected workforce in minutes
  • Familiar social media interface
  • Lone Worker
  • Geo Fencing
  • Digital Bulletin Board
  • Instant Community Alerts
  • Developed in Ireland
  • SOS Geo location beacon
  • Enterprise Level
  • Highly Adaptable

SafePal Features

Please go to SafePal App Website to learn more about the host of features which can provide you with the perfect tool to bring your Health and Safety Culture to the next level by creating a Safety Community where everyone has responsibility for themselves and their colleagues.

Connect and Empower Employees

Training and Update Instantly

Protect All Workers

Geo-Fence Work Locations or Zones

Automatic Check-in / Check-out

SOS  Beacon


With Safepal all Accidents are Preventable

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