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dust control solutions

PCP Group are Ireland’s leading experts in Dust Management Solutions.  With decades of experience in innovative technologies.  

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Protect Your People

Minimise dust to make their jobs safer and easier


Protect Your Assets

Improving your process by managing dust more efficiently

Dust Suppression with Minimal Water

Our MINIAT® Mobile rotary atomisers provide significant dust suppression for waste recycling facilities and construction sites, and can be deployed easily and rapidly.

Large Area Dust Suppression

The Hennlich range of fixed and mobile options work for larger sites which require a greater coverage of 35 – 100 meters.

High Pressure Fogging

 Our MINIAT® Fog high pressure nozzle fogging line provides an effective and easily deployed, fence line dust suppression system.

Crusher and Screen dust suppression

DUSTELIM® Foam System is more effective than water systems at trapping dust BEFORE it becomes airborne.  It is ideal for crushing and screening plants. A single point of application will keep control of dust on down stream plant and equipment.

Haul Road Dust Control

DUSTELIM®  Road provides medium term dust suppression for haul roads. Our dust suppression additive is biodegradable and non–hazardous. It will not contaminate streams, vegetation or soil and will not harm wildlife.

Dust Extraction Scrubbers

Mechanical dust collectors (scrubbers) are an increasingly attractive means of reducing coal mine dust concentrations. 

Personnel De-Dusting Solutions

Provide a safer and more convenient solution for personnel clean-down with Jet Black Safety personnel Cleaning Booths and stations

Industrial Vacuum Systems

We supply and service a complete range of heavy duty industrial vacuums and vacuum extractors, suitable for a wide variety of onsite cleaning operations.

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