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Odour Control

Complete Odour control, suppression, passive and extractive solutions.
PCP Environmental Services in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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Odour Control services & solutions

You can now view our full range of odour solutions on our new dedicated odoursolutions.ie website.

Waste Water Treatment

Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment operations generate odours that can be strong, persistent, and a nuisance to employees, residents, businesses, and industries located near the wastewater treatment plant.

Odours are generated in varying degrees throughout the wastewater treatment process with the main odour-generating areas being pump stations, head works, clarifiers, digesters, aeration basins, lagoons and sludge handling areas. Odours that are generally associated with this process include hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, skatoles, mercaptans, amines and indoles.

We can provide a comprehensive range of innovative solutions to contain, suppress, deodorise, extract and destroy these odours.

Waste Recycling

Odour is one of the biggest problems operators face, with increasing public pressure on transfer station operators to eliminate waste processing odours. Composting can also produce significant odours creating problems for staff and neighbouring properties.  PCP group offers odour suppression, odour extraction and deodorising solutions and services to ensure that fugitive process odours  are controlled.


A variety of smells can occur at a landfill. The ‘fresh’ rubbish smell and the landfill gas smell. Both types of odour have distinct differences and require different methods for managing them.

We can offer a variety of low cost, effective, easy to deploy odour control solutions for landfill applications. Designed to destroy the odours at source, Our fence line fogging and vapour systems provide wide area deodorising.

For local odour emission points and leachate storage we can supply passive mixed media vent pipe filters.

How we do it

PCP Group supply for purchase or hire, purpose built high pressure nozzle lines or vapour lines to treat your fence line perimeter and rotary atomizers and vapour generating systems and passive mixed media filters to cover specific locations.

PCP Group can also provide mobile vapour systems and mobile rotary atomiser units on a trailer with independent power and water supply which can be easily and rapidly deployed and moved from one location to another by road if you have multiple facilities.

We also supply and service the full range of McBerns vent odour filters and combined media ground systems.